This is a conversation between my Girlfriend and I. We’re awesomer than you.

Girlfriend: cool beans, man

Me: Yep, man

Girlfriend: kay, man (islands)

Me: I’m laughing way too hard right now

Girlfriend: that was the goal.

Me: I would hope so I wouldn’t know what other goal you would want

Girlfriend: I was actually hoping those words would come to life and kill your family.guess not.

unless that is why you’re laughing

Me: I knew something related to death would be your answer but sorry that my family wasn’t murdered by the cayman islands.

Although I probably would laugh if that happened.

Girlfriend: balls. Maybe it was bora bora that kills families.

Me: Not sure man. I don’t really keep in contact with murderous islands.

but I hear they throw awesome parties.

Girlfriend: I’ll take you to one of those parties sometime. Let me tell you, they are WILD!

Me: Oh good! I would think we’d be murdered by murderous islands if we weren’t a murderous island like them. Good know they’re not racist.

Girlfriend: Well, you see, I went to preschool with a murderous island so they accept me.

Me: Really now? Hm, that explains a lot.

Girlfriend:everyone’s gotta learn to murder somewhere, ya know

Me: It’s really depressing to see they don’t really do that in schools anymore.
Girlfriend: are education system really is in the crapper
Me: They really are. It’s such a shame.
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